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Leslie Harbaugh July 20, 2014 at 09:48 PM
Yes they do and we are grateful that they support and value our community enough to invest so muchRead Moref or such an important school election. This is on top of the impact fees they are required to pay to build in our community. They understand that the homes they are building are for families with kids and believe in investing in our schools to ensure they have a great place to learn and grow. It is not the homes that bring the people, it's the people who want to live here that drive the building of new homes. People who buy property often research to see if the community where they want to live invest in their local schools because that impacts property values. Strong schools = Strong community. Greene Gassaway has decades of experience working with school districts all around Puget Sound and their reputation is stellar. We are fortunate to have such experienced companies working for schools. Another example of our district taking the time to find the best vendors and companies to ensure our schools and community remain strong. Those that opposed the levy so vocally last year agreed to support at least the bond this year. Based on what they are sharing and not sharing with the community about the measures this year, it seems they are not keeping their promise.
john schuller July 21, 2014 at 10:53 AM
As always, follow the money! Thanks for the research Karen. Says a lot about the motivations ofRead Moresome ... more money!
Karen Monson July 20, 2014 at 01:57 PM
Who is the largest single contributor to the YES campaign for Prop 1 and Prop 2, at $5,000.00. ItRead Moreis Olympic Resources Management. So I looked them up. Seems they own, are you ready? Harbor Hill North Housing Development, they use the new school as a selling point for their new homes and apartments in Gig Harbor North, where they have built homes that when filled will cause the schools to be overcrowded. The school district also bought the property for the new school from? Harbor Hill Property. The second single largest contributor is Greene - Gasway Architects, I wonder what they have to do with it, since they are in Federal Way, hmmmm, looked them up to, from their website "Greene Gasaway has been working with school districts around Puget Sound since 1984. We provide architectural, engineering, planning and project management services. " I wonder if they will be the architects used for the new school? And at a $500 donation, Beresford Company in Seattle, they provide flooring for schools, from their website "As a premier provider to the education market, Beresford has worked with over 180 school districts in the states of Washington and Oregon. " WOW
Leslie Harbaugh July 20, 2014 at 09:49 PM
Interest rates may go up and may go down, fluctuation is normal and no-one can accurately predictRead Morewh at will happen. The cost calculations are based on current rates plus one percent, and it's been five years since they've been that high. During that same period rates have been quite a bit lower as well. The finance professionals at the school district closely follow rates and they have the flexibility to sell bonds at the most auspicious time in order to minimize interest payments. And they have the ability to refinance when rates drop, as they did with bonds sold in 2003. There is no reason to fear through-the-roof cost overruns. Of course we could have avoided all interest payments by passing the levy last year, unfortunately that didn't happen.
Leslie Harbaugh July 20, 2014 at 09:58 PM
Just to clarify, currently Peninsula School District taxpayers pay about $2.83 per thousand ofRead Moreasses sed home value. For a home valued at $300K that is $849 per year for the school portion only. For a home with an assessed value of $900K the tax rate for the school portion only would be about $2,142. The higher the assessed value for your home, the higher the tax rate. If we were to add the additional $0.96 that the school district is asking for if the bond and levy pass... An additional $288/1000 of assessed home value for a home valued at $300K. That equals $62M in funding for our schools and ensures a stable tax rate for future improvements.
Lawrence July 10, 2014 at 11:12 PM
oops, Victoria is of course just WEST of Mt. Vernon, must have had a magnet in myRead Morepocket............ ..
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