Farewell Snowbirds! We'll Make Sure Your Gardens Are Watered

Why is it that in a state where it rains constantly you rarely see umbrellas?

In a state that is perpetually damp I somehow feel that these last few days have been extra wet and I just can't seem to dry out. But, despite how hard it's been raining a peculiar thing about Washington is that you rarely see people using umbrellas. Something most of us don't really think about until someone points this irony out. Lots of rain, no umbrellas.

Back when I was in college that was a topic that came up in my business marketing class and ever since then I make it a point to observe who's carrying an umbrella and then speculate where they come from.  I get ample opportunity for my informal social customs research as we really get into the swing of things in November and the rain starts in ernest.  So, I had to laugh out loud when in conversation a business owner in town pointed out how Gig Harbor was sorely lacking an umbrella store. I thought he was kidding, but no, he was dead serious about the subject. He felt that if you had a range of stylish umbrellas from $20 and up you could really create a going concern. Well, come to find out he's from California originally which made a lot of sense. In a state where the suns out most days it must seem like a big occasion when it sprinkles and an umbrella can actually serve as a fashion statement.  

But last week it really hit home why you rarely see this trend in Washington.  For some reason or another I decided when having to park out in the back forty at a local store that I would pull out my mini umbrella which had been stored unused in my car for years. When I finally got it open I was feeling pretty good that I wasn't getting soaked and vowed to start sporting it more often. But, upon entering the building when I went to close it I was foiled with the mechanics of its design. As much as I pushed and pulled the darn thing would not shut. I finally left it at the entrance in frustration, open and ready for anyone to pick up and take home. But like overflowing bumper crops in August no one was interested in taking it so there it was on the completion of shopping. Open and sitting upside down. So with gritted teeth and determination I attempted once again to close it in the store since I didn't want to wait till I got to my car to stand in the rain fighting to make its two foot span shrink down to a few inches. I did finally figure it out and in frustration I threw into the back pocket of my car where it can stay till eternity as far as I'm concerned.  

The moral of this story? It rains here all the time, get used to it, because if you had to open and close an umbrella everytime you stepped out of your house you'd never get anything done or want to go anywhere. It just wouldn't be worth the hassle. And for those of you who ever wanted to open an umbrella store here I say you're better off spending your money on something worthwhile, like a trip to sunny Florida. 

Oh, and by the way, I have a still as new umbrella for sale if anyones interested. 

Abigail owner of Abigail's Concierge Services, caring for Snowbird, Vacation and Vacant homes while owners are away in warmer, less wet climates is located on Pioneer Way in downtown Gig Harbor. 

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