Gig Harbor - A Pioneering Attitude?

What makes residents in our local community tic? Are those pioneering genes alive and well in the citizens of Gig Harbor and Fox Island areas? What makes us different from the folks on the East Coast?

I've had the pleasure over the last few months to meet some pretty interesting people. But one in particular had an insight that had never occurred to me but that really resonated with me for days afterward.

'B' is an employee of a service that people only call when there's major water or fire damage to a home. We decided to have coffee over at Kelly's Cafe and have a chat about the challenges and opportunities that running a business in Gig Harbor affords. Mainly, very loyal clients once you get them. But, a tough market to get your message out to initially. Gig Harbor is small but the general consensus is "If you can make it in this town you can make it anywhere." This, believe it or not, is a topic of conversation that's very common amongst local businesses.  

So when 'B', who has a very pronounced East Coast accent, Boston maybe, put forth her premise of why this is I listened intently. She feels that folks from the West, in particular the Northwest, have an ingraned pioneering attitude. And that is the word she used 'Pioneering'. That folks here learned through generations to tough things out, to make do or do without. Fiercely independant they're not used to calling on others, individuals or businesses, for services if they can do those things themselves. From her perspective the difference between West and East was like night and day. 

I listened attentively and though I had never heard this opinion before it made some sense. The East Coast has a jump on us in terms of population and just a 100 years ago this area was truly a pioneering frontier. So, it goes without saying that even if the local residents wanted such things as meal delivery, front door car detailing, closet organizers, landscapers and home decorators they had to do without because those kind of services weren't available. And even though those type of services are now here and ready and waiting for your business I kind of think that 'DIY' thinking still lingers. 

And DIY was great when it was a necessity but isn't it great that now we can choose to make bread or buy it at the bakery? To have someone paint our home instead of spending weeks doing it ourselves? I'm all for a pioneering attitude but time is a valuable commodity and more often than not more important than saving a few dollars. And our local businesses could sure use a boost and patronizing them is invaluable to our local economy. 

So, call and let us know what you need and want. We like to say at Abigail's "We don't know everything, and we don't do everything. But, what we do is find those who do and do it well so that we can provide the best in products and services for our clients". And of course for those retired seniors that fly the coop during Snowbird Season you no longer have to leave your home alone during our Northwest winters. 

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