When It Comes To Home Repairs Choose A Type 'A'

The home repair and maintenance industry is filled with the good, the bad and the ugly. We're type 'A's and that's a good thing for homeowners.

When It Comes To Your Home Choose Type ‘A’s



It’s only January but already Abigail’s Concierge Services is gearing up for a spring demand of home repair, maintenance and even remodel requests from residents of Gig Harbor, Fox Island and the Key Peninsula. If you’re asking why as a Concierge service would we be anticipating such demand? Well, the definition of a Concierge according to the Oxford dictionary is:


Definition of concierge


  • 1(especially in France) a resident caretaker of a block of flats or a small hotel.
  • 2a hotel employee whose job is to assist guests by booking tours, making theatre and restaurant reservations, etc...



And we may not be housed in a hotel but our mission and scope of business fits the definition. Our job is to source out vendors and services and deliver on even the most obscure requests (topic for another day).  Since our office is located in downtown Gig Harbor instead of a hotel it makes sense that we’ve become the Town Concierge, the ‘Ask Abigail’s’ of the community if you will. And the most frequent requests are for reliable, trustworthy and skilled trades’ people with pet/house sitting close behind.


Being Type ‘A’s we couldn’t have picked a more perfect business model. You know those Type ‘A people.  You may even be one yourself. Over the top analytical, detailed, persistent, perfectionist. Who consider working 12 hour days a walk in the park. Often foregoing sleep, food and even trips to the restroom when in pursuit of an objective. Not always great for personal relationships but as a part of a company culture it delivers a  great customer experience.


Type A companies like Apple, Disney, Starbucks, and Nordstrom’s are just a few that come to mind. Companies that are founded by Type A’s are often imitated but never duplicated.


When it comes to trades people Type ‘A’s are a natural choice. Because, like Forrest Gump says, “Like a box a chocolates, you never know what your gonna get.” Cute in a movie but not so great when spending possibly thousands on your home without any guarantee of what you’re going to get from an unknown trades person. The home repair and maintenance industry is very much like a ‘box of chocolates’.


So as Type ‘A’s’ entering the arena of home repair and maintenance made us mighty nervous. Yet, the community demand is there and clamoring for a trustworthy resource.  And people want to do business with people who they trust so there’s never been a better time to serve as advocates for quality trades people while filling a much needed niche.


With that in mind we came up with the most stringent and Type ‘A’ process as possible which is listed below. For our client’s peace of mind, our vendors best interests and our business’ longevity and reputation.  




1. Abigail’s Concierge Services LLC is:

  • Properly Licensed
  • Liability Insured For $2,000,000
  • Bonded by the state of Washington


2. Additionally:

  • Licensed As A General Contractor
  • Carrying additional insurance Of $1,000,000
  • Bonded as a general contractor


3.   For Our Clients And Community:

  • We Back Our Vendors And Deal With Only Qualified, Experienced, Trustworthy Professionals
  • We Prioritize Local Vendors Whenever Possible (meets our commitment to our local economy)
  • Complete Background File On Each Vendor Is Available For Our Clients (peace of mind in knowing who’s coming to your home)


3. Vetting Our Vendor Partners:

  • Vendors Must Sign A Confidentiality Agreement (to protect our clients information)
  • Guarantee Their Work
  • Provide References
  • Agree To A Background Check (where applicable)
  • Have A Valid Business License
  • Proof Of Liability Insurance At Appropriate Levels
  • Be Bonded (where applicable)


Needless to say we interview a lot of trades people but only a few follow through with our requirements. And you know what? That’s ok with us. We want to be serving Gig Harbor and Fox Island for decades to come. Leaving a lasting legacy and a positive economic contribution to this community that we love so much.


We’re in it for the long haul and want to work with only the very best in the business who share our passion for excellence and commitment to our clients’ happiness.


So, as we move into spring keep us in mind for those pesky home repairs or, the new addition you want to add. We have a team of professionals that we back up because we know they’re as Type ‘A’ as we are and that’s exactly what you need as a home owner.


Check out our Added Assurance page for more details. LIC# ABIGAC883M6

By Abigail Lovell





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