OH GREAT: Gas Prices Expected to Climb Back Over $4 a Gallon

Experts are blaming a fire at a Richmond, CA refinery for the expected increase.

Just as the West Coast saw the price at the pump dip this summer, gas is expected to climb back above $4 per gallon.


Experts are attributing the spike to a fire at a Chevron refinery in Richmond, CA - one of the biggest in the country - on Monday.

According to the Associated Press via The Huffington Post:

The West Coast is particularly vulnerable to spikes in gasoline prices because it's not well-connected to the refineries along the Gulf Coast, where most of the country's refining capacity is located, analysts say.

Chevron's refinery is particularly big and important to the market, said Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst at Oil Price Information Service.

It produces about 150,000 barrels of gasoline a day - 16 percent of the West Coast's daily gasoline consumption of 963,000 barrels, according to Kloza.

That means any disruption in the refinery affects gas all along the West Coast, and Chevron didn't give the AP an estimate as to when it could be running again.

In other words, expect to feel it when you fill up your car.


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Will the rise in gas prices affect your weekend plans? Tell us in the comments.


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