WHAT SHOULD GO HERE: Former DaddyO's Board Room Location

The space by Galaxy Theatre has been vacated since DaddyO's Board Room relocated to downtown Gig Harbor.

You ever drive past an empty storefront or building and say, "You know what they should put there ...?"

Well, so do we.

That's why today, Gig Harbor Patch has produced another piece in which we can discuss what should go in these empty spots.

There's nothing scientific about this, nor does it have any bearing on what will eventually go in these locations. Heck, there could already be a tenant-in-waiting that we don't even know about.

But we now ask you, Gig Harbor Patch users: What should go here, at the former DaddyO's Board Room location at Uptown Gig Harbor.

Its neighboring businesses include Galaxy Theatre, Gig Harbor Film Festival and Massage Envy.

The skateboard shop moved to 3306 Harborview Dr. in downtown Gig Harbor earlier this year.

What business should go into this space? Tell us in the comments below. 


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