Have the Seahawks Found their Quarterback of the Future with Russell Wilson?

After drafting 15 quarterbacks, the Seahawks 16th quarterback pick just might be the winner!

It has taken the Seattle Seahawks 37 drafts to finally get it right and draft a starting quarterback in Russell Wilson.  Jim Zorn and Dave Krieg were undrafted and the Seahawks traded for Matt Hasselbeck.

The Seahawks have had some 381 picks through the years and either from bad scouting or bad luck could never draft a starting QB.  Twice they used their first round pick on quarterbacks and both became bust with Dan McGwire and Rick Mirer.  It amazes me how long a team can go without drafting and developing their own quarterback.

Then the quarterback they choose with their 75th pick of the 2012 draft, Russell Wilson is deemed to short to play the position.  I thought he would just come in and be the back up to Matt Flynn.  With only two weeks before the season started, Pete Carroll announces that Russell Wilson will be the starting QB for the Hawks. 

After the first eight games the Hawks were 4-4 but had a chance to win all those games.  In week ten against the Jets the offense started to open-up more for Russell Wilson.  By week 13 in Chicago most fans had that, "aha" moment and could see a long term starting quarterback in Russell Wilson with his overtime win against the Bears.  Once they utilized the read option things just opened up for Wilson.  In his game against the Bills when he ran 42-yards for three touchdowns, he was only touched once by a defender and that was a shove in the back right at the goal line.

Russell Wilson has the poise in the huddle, scrambling ability to avoid sacks and throwing accuracy to lead the Seahawks to a Superbowl.  He has also caught the National media attention and his name is being brought up for Rookie of the Year.  He is only two touchdown throws away from passing Peyton Manning for the most touchdown passes thrown by a rookie.  Ken Griffey Jr. might want to look over his shoulder as favorite Seattle athlete.  There is a new kid in town and his name is Russell Wilson. Go Hawks!

Here is a list off all the QB's drafted by the Seahawks:

1976     Pick 93  Steve Meyer                 Pick 461 Chris Rowland

1977     Pick 254  Sam Adkins (only player to wear #12)

1978-1984 No quarterback was selected in any of these years. (I know there was a rifled armed QB that went undrafted in 1978 named Warren Moon and he was sitting in our own backyard.  The NFL wasn't ready for an African-American QB, our loss. Also in the 1983 draft we passed on Dan Marino, Jim Kelly and Ken O'Brien)

1985     Pick 277  John Connor

1986     Pick 291  David Norrie

1987     Pick 216  Sammy Garza

1988-1989 No quarterback was selected in these years.

1990     Pick 312  John Gromos

1991     Pick 16  Dan McGwire (Hawks passed on Brett Favre who went 33)

1992     None

1993     Pick 2  Rick Mirer

1994-1998 No quarterback was selected in these years.

1999     Pick 77 Brock Huard

2000     None

2001     Pick 172 Josh Booty

2002     Pick 232  Jeff Kelly

2003     Pick 110  Seneca Wallace

2004     None

2005     Pick 85  David Greene

2006-2008 No quarterback was selected in these years.

2009     Pick 178 Mike Teel

2010-2011 No quarterback was selected in these years.

2012     Pick 75  Russell Wilson (Finally we have a winner!)

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Brent Champaco December 27, 2012 at 06:57 PM
Great stuff, Debbie. After years of floundering in mediocrity, this is a great thing to be talking about. Here's some more good news for Seahawk fans: Richard Sherman won his appeal and won't be suspended. http://blogs.seattletimes.com/seahawks/2012/12/27/cb-richard-sherman-has-been-informed-he-won-his-appeal/ Lots of momentum with this team. It's a great time to have it...
Dan December 30, 2012 at 03:16 AM
Thanks for this, Debbie. It brings back so many bad memories...
Debbie McDonald December 31, 2012 at 02:20 AM
Sorry Dan, this wasn't trying to bring up bad memories. I just hope the Seahawks have learned from their drafting history and will not repeat it. John and Pete have done well in the drafts. Besides getting Wilson in the third round they also got him at a bargin basement price. While RGIII and Luck are getting 21-22 million a year, Wilson is only making 2.9 million. Something to also look at in the 2013 draft is there is no real starting QB in the draft which will make Matt Flynn worth more on the trade market for teams that need a QB. This will be the first off season Hawk fans don't have to worry about who will be their starting QB next season.
Ben Warner January 02, 2013 at 04:31 AM
Wow, wow , wow. I really think we have picked some amazing quarterbacks in the past. Don't really think its fair to say they were bad memories or bad pics. Rick Mirer for example was one of my heros growing up and if you look at the old footage you will agree that his technique was sound and he was an amazing athlete. I would like to argue that the team has been mismanaged greatly, a quarter back cannot win it alone. The Seahawks have an amazing history even though they have come up short in the past. Things will get better now that Bret Favre is retired, and the curse is lifted from us passing up on him back in 91. I think that now everything is moved in just the right place as far as the Defense,Offense and special teams are considered.The stars are aligned and the hawk's will gel, producing winning seasons for the next decade! I have waited my whole life for all the pieces to fit together like this.
Debbie McDonald January 02, 2013 at 04:55 AM
Ben I will have to disagree with you on Rick Mirer. He was a good QB at Notre Dame and set records there but he also had Jerome Bettis who can make anyone look good. I am talking about the Seahawks never drafting a long term QB meaning someone who starts for 7-10 seasons. Rick was only hear for 4 seasons with one of his more telling stats being that he threw 41 TD's but 56 INT's. If Seattle did not have a team around him to support him then neither did Bears, Jets, Packers, 49'ers, Raiders and Lions. When he was with the Jets he was benched for Ray Lucas (never heard of him). I am not sure what other QB's you are talking about that the Seahawks have drafted that are amazing. You are right that things are getting better and they should be producing a winning product for the next decade.


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