Gig Harbor Patch is Seeking Local Bloggers

Do you want to connect with the local community on the things you love, or love to hate? Blog for Gig Harbor Patch.

Patch is looking for chatterboxes, for know-it-alls, for the smart, the interesting, the strange and the passionate. We’re looking for people who know their communities, know their subjects and know how to put a sentence together.

In short, we’re looking for local bloggers — a bunch of them.

So let us know what you know. Whether you are a teen who wants to write about your school or so-called life, a transplant, a senior citizen who knows local politics, a hardware store owner with an axe to sell (or grind), a single mom or dad, a shopaholic, we’re looking for you to add your voice to the new Patch blog.

People of creed, people of color, bring it on. 

Check out what other bloggers have been writing about on Gig Harbor Patch.

If you've never had a blog, we'll show you the ropes. If you already have a blog, terrific. You can parallel post on Patch and drive viewers to your own site. In short, we want to get the community talking and listening and we want you to be a part of the conversation.

And no, we won’t own the content. It’s yours. Forever. Feel free to post it anywhere else you like. It’s your blog after all.

Sound interesting? Want in? Contact editor Akiko Oda at akiko.oda@patch.com.


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