Low flying airplanes from Seatac

This concern's us all,      The FAA implemented the "Greener sky's program" last spring. The idea being to save fuel and use a GPS guided approach to the airport. In doing so  they would go from a high altitude step down approach to some kind of continuous glide method. By looking at the web sight, you would think that the altitudes of the planes would stay the same, but that is not the case. Instead they have used this program to significantly lower the altitudes of the inbound and outbound airplanes. Not only are the planes much lower, and now louder, but they are lower than ever miles away from the airport. One of the pilot reports I read said they enter these low level GPS tracks 40 miles from the airport.       The program was presented for inbound air traffic only, but the out bound aircraft that used to achieve maximum altitude as soon as possible, are now taking a long, minimum altitude gain, departure. This long low altitude departure, has planes at extremely loud low altitudes over neighborhoods and cities far from the airport.  According to Brian Schimpf, from the FAA,  for the outbound planes to be fuel efficient they should achieve maximum cruising altitude as soon as possible.  As he explained it to me the air at higher altitudes is thinner, providing less resistance, and thus better fuel savings.  Makes you wonder just how "green" this program is.        Even if the airlines are saving some fuel, at what cost to the quality of life for the people living here. Last Sunday at the Pikes Place Market, I listened to plane after low flying, outbound plane roar by.  Gig Harbor is miles from the airport, and directly under the outbound southerly route,  with this new low level program you can see and hear plane after plane roaring by. Vashon Island is very unlucky to be under the main inbound track to the airport, and although the planes have always flown over, they are now at half the altitude that they used to be. Even as far away as Handsville,  I watched plane after inbound plane roar through the sky.  I live in Olalla which is under the outbound westerly route.  Planes have alway flown over, but at such high altitude that you never hardly noticed. This is a very rural and quiet area, that is why I moved here, but now with plane after plane roaring over, it is like living at the airport. I realize the planes have to get in and out of Seatac,  and this new program may be saving the airlines money, but it is destroying the quality of life here in the Pacific Northwest.      I don't think people realize what is going on. The air traffic in our area is expected to increase by at least 30% over the next 10 years, do you really want to be hiking in the Olympic's and have low flying planes roaring overhead. The FAA just slipped this by us, and it effect's the quality of life for all of us in the area, we need to do something about it.    I have contacted the Port of Seattle, and they confirmed that the planes are making a longer and lower approach, but say that it is the FAA that set the traffic routes. The FAA says that they will get back to me, but never have. I don't know what the next step should be, but i do know that this program, which was started last spring is going to be made permanent  if we don't stop it.Spread the word, and let me know what I can do.Thanks, Pamela Taylor


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