My First Swing at Golf

Just days until the 25th annual Summer Swing Golf Tournament, I got a crash-course from a golf pro instructor Dale Davis at Canterwood Golf & Country Club Course.

As you may already know, I’ll be competing in ’s this Friday, July 27 at . The tournament is a scramble-style event with four people in each team.

Sadly, I’ve never played golf on an actual course before (Nintendo Wii doesn’t count). Growing up, I always thought golf was this boring sport that my dad always played every weekend with his friends and coworkers.

When I even told my mom about the tournament, she thought it was Putt-Putt golf.

To consider me as a golfer, I’m greener than the actual grass on the course.

Fortunately, Head Golf Pro Dale Davis at Canterwood came to my rescue and was kind enough to give me a crash-course last week.

We spent about 30 minutes going over the basics including grip, alignment, posture and swing at the driving range.

I’ve also never been to Canterwood before. I was impressed with the facility and a little intimidated by what I’ll have to deal with this Friday.

I’ve spoke with several golf aficionados, including Dale, and they’ve all told me the same thing.

Canterwood is not an easy course—for anyone.

“It is difficult,” Dale said during my lesson. “It’s a scenic golf course with lots of trees, lots of trouble.”

Dale, who celebrated his 40th birthday a week ago (we discovered that he and I share the same birthday), has been playing golf since he was 15. The Indiana-native has lived in Scottsdale and San Diego before moving to the Pacific Northwest last October.

While the concept of golf seems simple (hitting a non-moving ball), the actual execution is pretty complex. And for me, the more I thought about the little details, the more I struggled.

Out of all the tips Dale provided me, the most interesting one was that I shouldn’t worry about the ball. He said to relax and focus on the “toe up-to-toe up” swing.

Despite my fears, my lesson went far better than I had expected. The balls only traveled about 70 to 80 yards, but majority of them went straight!

“Have fun,” Dale reminded me at the end. “It’s a time consuming sport. If you don’t practice, don’t have high expectations.”

With only 3 days until the tournament, I’m ready to have plenty of fun and hope my teammates don't have high expectations for me. Let’s hope for beginner’s luck!

What’s the best advice you gave or received for golf? 

Margaret Santjer July 25, 2012 at 08:27 PM
Good luck! You'll do great (says the person who has also never played golf other than on the putt-putt course).
Akiko Oda July 25, 2012 at 09:02 PM
Thanks, Margaret! I'll need all the support I can get!


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