School Bond or Levy Revisited

Looks like we may be voting on this again in August 2014.  The school district is probably going to have 2 propositions in August.  The school board voted 3-2 Thursday night to put both a $60 million capital bond and a $55.9 million capital levy on the ballot in August.  If both pass, the $55.9 million levy would shrink considerably and only cover technology improvements, not capital projects.

If the levy passes and the bond fails, capital projects, such as a new building for Artondale Elementary and a school in Gig Harbor North, would proceed with levy funding.

Vice versa, if the bond passes and levy fails: Only bond projects would go through.

This is the most confusing thing I've ever seen in property tax propositions.  If both pass, then the levy still applies, just for a lower amount and they still get 10 million more than they asked for in November on the bond, which means they receive MORE than a 10 million increase over Novembers Proposition.  

What happened to 48 million for 2 schools?  Now they need 5.9 million more for a levy, 10 million more for a bond?  This is nuts.

john schuller February 09, 2014 at 02:25 PM
Keep 'em guessing and confused...that's the plan I think. That lets people focus on the tried and true slogan "its for the children". I do think keeping capitol expenses segregated is a step in the right direction though. The last effort was a fruit salad of capital expenses and other needs making it difficult to see if value was indeed there. However (here we go again), without a design for these schools, bought and paid for, AND a cost escalation table reflecting what it will likely cost in the construction year...its all pie in the sky.
Karen Monson February 10, 2014 at 12:14 PM
I could support a 50 million bond, I've said that all along. But if you dare to question the costs, or ask questions, you are accused by Ms. Gallinger of not supporting your community. That's getting really old. I do support Gig Harbor, I love it here and I try to support local charities, local contractors, local restaurants, etc... I also pay a pretty penny in taxes, both local and otherwise. Doesn't mean I don't ask questions when something doesn't seem to make sense, when the price goes up up up. And asking those questions doesn't mean I don't support my community.


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