What to expect when Costco comes to Auburn, Ca.

Are you ready Auburn. Evil has selected you for their new dwelling...
Are you ready Auburn. Evil has selected you for their new dwelling...
They say! You just can't stop money. As for the people of Auburn, Ca. Their going to try and fight the big giant Costco wholesaler. Costco has proposed 16 acres of Placer County Government Land.

   Costco wants to knockdown a "Word War II era Theater," in the process of this purchase agreement as well as, sell-out an "elderly community senior center" too. That's right! Costco want to knockout the Wold War II history in Auburn and send the elderly packing.

. I would say it's business as usually for Costco.

  Costco has a reputation of;"selling-out the locals" bringing in their own people to run the store. I will say, they haven't gotten as big as they are for being saints to the American people. They've gotten fat from buying city halls, paying off local officials, corrupting the system that runs the local areas.  This is how they do it people...

I'm only trying to expose the facts of these big business thugs and what comes along with them, once you let them into your neighborhoods.

Your police department will no longer be the good old boys police, they'll be "Enforcers" and most likely shoot you on site-if you cause problems or have a problem on the property at Costco in Auburn.

Business groups will come and build in your neighborhoods, your city officials will try and get approved recreation trails that will go behind your communities to invade your privacy, building permits for more big business to come in, reduction of wildlife and open-land to suit big business groups.

Basically take what you have now, piece and freedom and put cameras, highways and corrupt enforcers on your roads to clear the way for big business evil doers to come in.

And move you people out of Auburn...! Yep! All legal like.

And your city officials once they get corrupt wont stand a chance to be able to do anything about it, except agree and approve everything these business want to do to your city.

Because, they'll be too busy counting their-pay-off money.

In short you will sell your way of living and your freedom away! Everything that makes Auburn, Ca. rich, will be gone and given to them...The (Big Business Thugs.)

They'll turn it into a international low-life community like Vallejo or Stockton, something like that?

Sincerely Yours,

A Concerned Citizen
Karen Monson February 26, 2014 at 11:07 AM
Costco isn't the devil. It is a business that provides things in bulk so that you can save money. Saving money is not a bad thing. I feel for the local businesses, I really do. But when I go to a grocery store and it costs $200 for not much of anything, then I go to a Costco and get the same items for 1/2 the price, why would I not take advantage of that? Many people can't afford to pay more. As far as it changing the entire town, people change the town, not Costco. No one forces them to go to Costco or to do business there. No one forces the town to grow without support from the locals. Businesses don't grow without customers.


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