Bremerton Police Working With FBI in Homicide Investigation

The Bremerton Police Department is working with FBI and neighboring law enforcement agencies to capture the suspect responsible for two homicides and an assault in the past year.

(Information provided by the Bremerton Police Department.)

The Bremerton Police Department is now investigating the possibility that there may be a link between three cases in the past year.

On 5/3/11 at approximately 9:30 p.m., an unknown assailant murdered Sara Burke in the 800 block of Warren Avenue.

On 6/20/11 at approximately 3:07 p.m., an unknown assailant attacked a male subject on Burwell Street in the area of High Avenue.

On 2/3/12 between 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., an unknown assailant murdered Melody Brannon in the 1300 block of High Avenue.

We are working with the FBI, the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office and the Port Orchard Police Department. We are utilizing all available resources to solve each of these cases and to determine if they are linked.

All three crimes occurred in areas with high or relatively high vehicular and foot traffic and we believe that someone may have seen something that could help us solve these cases.

Due to the severe nature of these attacks, anyone observing a suspicious person should immediately contact the police and not confront that person themselves.

The Bremerton Police Department has attached an updated sketch of our person of interest.

We are asking that anyone with any information regarding any of these cases contact our tip line (360) 473-5481.


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