Fire Blotter: Boy Taken to Hospital After Collision With Bicyclist

The weekly Gig Harbor Fire and Medic One blotter compiles reports from June 16 through 23.

Total calls during this period: 98

EMS: 72                   

Fire/Service: 10                      

Other: 16

On June 16, a 57-year-old man drove himself to Urgent Care after experiencing blurry vision and an extreme headache. While monitoring his vital signs, paramedics transported him to a nearby hospital for further treatment.

On June 17, a 6-inch tree in diameter had fallen onto wires, which also blocked traffic in the westbound lane of Rosedale Street. Crews determined they were lines. They contacted the company to clear the lines and repair.

On June 18, a 60-year-old man started experiencing lower back pain in the morning. The pain escalated throughout the day to the point of calling 911. Paramedics evaluated and transported him for continued treatment.

On June 19, a 9-year-old boy fell after colliding with another bicyclist and could not walk due to injured leg. Medics splinted and transported him to the hospital for further treatment.

On June 20, a vehicle sideswiped an electrical box that was positioned at the end of a residential driveway off 38th Avenue. The box was moved about 6 inches, exposing wiring and causing sparks and smoke from the box, along with brief power loss. arrived at the scene to secure the relocated box safely.

On June 21, a 50-year-old woman experienced vertigo while driving on SR-16 and pulled over just east of Olympic Drive. Medics provided care and transported her for evaluation.

On June 22, a 70-year-old man operating a stump-grinding machine on a hillside accidentally turned it sideways as it rolled over on top of him. He was transported to a hospital for further treatment of his back and ankle.

On June 23, a homeowner reported they left a pan on the stove with the burner on high. No smoke was visible upon arrival, and the homeowner who arrived at the same time allowed access to confirm there was no fire. 


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