Fire Blotter: Four-Car Crash Sends One to Hospital

The weekly Gig Harbor Fire and Medic One blotter compiles reports from March 7 through 13.

Total calls this period: 92

Fire/Hazardous Conditions: 3

Service/Good Intent/False: 17

EMS/Rescue: 72

On March 7, medics were dispatched to a woman fallen. The crew found her lying on the concrete. She told the crew that she had gone to get the mail and slipped and fell. She was having pain in her right hip and elbow and was unable to move. She also stated that she had been lying outside for about 2 hours before someone found her and called 911. The medic found that she had a hip fracture and hypothermia due to the fact that it was about 30 degrees outside, and she was in a nightgown, robe and slippers. The crew worked to raise her body temperature while transporting her to the hospital.

On March 8, firefighters were dispatched to a gas leak. The crew arrived to find the home evacuated. After a search, they found the gas was coming from a newly installed gas fireplace. They turned off the gas valve to the fireplace from outside then opened the windows to clear out the gas inside the home. The Lieutenant advised the owner to have the unit serviced before turning the gas back on.

On March 9, 911 received multiple reports of an unknown type of explosion. The crew found smoke coming from the side of the home. Upon investigation, they found an illegal burn pile consisting of cabinets and construction materials. All units except Engine 56 were canceled. Engine 56 assisted the homeowner with extinguishment and educated the occupant on burning regulations.

On March 10, firefighters were dispatched to a man fallen. Upon arrival they found that a neighbor had assisted him into his home and then called 911. The man said that he is being treated for cancer, and that evening he parked his truck and was too weak to get into the house. The man did not want to go to the hospital but did allow the medic to evaluate him. After an evaluation, the medic agreed that there was no need to go to the hospital. The crew returned in service.

On March 11, medics were dispatched to an unconscious female. Upon arrival they found the woman had possibly intentionally overdosed on prescription medication. Medics treated and transported her to the hospital.

On March 12, firefighters were dispatched to a tree down in a roadway. Engine 59 arrived to find a large tree across the roadway, partially cut by a good Samaritan. The tree had landed on service cables and knocked them to the ground. The crew moved the rest of the tree from the roadway except for a 1-foot section on the opposite side of the roadway. The crew deployed cones to indicate the log to drivers. Pierce County Roads and Comcast were called to assess the tree and cables. 

On March 13, firefighters responded to a vehicle crash. The crash involved four vehicles in a rear end type collision. One driver was transported to the hospital with a complaint of pain in one knee from being driven into the dashboard and pain in the shoulder and clavicle area from the seatbelt.


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