Gig Harbor Fire Blotter: Crews Clean Up Oil Leak on Judson Street

The weekly Gig Harbor Fire and Medic One blotter compiles reports from Oct. 22 through 28.

Total calls during this period: 95        

EMS: 75                        

Fire/Service: 8                                                         

Other: 12

On Oct. 22, a homeowner reported an odor, which he believed as natural gas in his home and evacuated his family. When crews arrived, they found the smell to be of gasoline from a leaking vehicle in the garage.

On Oct. 23, a car accident occurred near 144th Street NW and Purdy Drive NW as a driver pulled out of the gas station, striking an oncoming car. One driver was evaluated with back and neck pain, and transported to the hospital to continue treatment.

On Oct. 24, burnt food on the stove activated the smoke alarm system on Fox Island. The homeowners were out of town, and the relative in the home did not know how to deactivate the alarm in the control panel. The alarm was eventually reset after calling the homeowners.

On Oct. 25, the Pierce County Department of Emergency Management called to report fuel oil was leaking from the ground in the Key Bank parking lot on Judson Street. Crews discovered approximately 3-4 gallons of oil leaking out from a 6-foot metal lid in the asphalt. The area was coned off as the response truck from Department of Ecology removed about 600 gallons of oil from the tank and cleaned up the asphalt area.

On Oct. 27, a 30-year-old driver missed the curve on Hwy 302 and ended up in the ditch. The driver denied any injury and refused any attempts to perform any basic assessments. Patient care was released to Key Peninsula Fire personnel, who arrived on scene shortly afterward.

On Oct. 28, employees at a fast food restaurant were transferring grease between fryers when it caught on fire. Workers safely evacuated the building after flames spread in the commercial. The fire was controlled and put out with a dry chemical extinguisher. Both the interior and exterior of the structure was checked for fire extension with nothing found. An extinguishing systems check will be performed before business is reopened.


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