Gig Harbor Fire Reports: Head-on Crash Near Warren Drive

The weekly Gig Harbor Fire and Medic One blotter compiles reports from Oct. 29 through Nov. 2.

Total calls during this period: 79        

EMS: 65                         

Fire/Service: 4

Other: 10      

On Oct. 29, an 8-year-old boy was transported to a hospital after falling and hitting his head on the corner of a wooden sandbox at an elementary school during recess. 

On Oct. 30, a driver crossing the Fox Island Bridge failed to negotiate the curve near Warren Drive and struck a vehicle head-on. After rescuing from the entangled driver’s compartment, the man was evaluated and transported with leg, pelvis and elbow pain. The other driver was not injured; however, the passenger was taken to the hospital by her father for further treatment.

On Oct. 31, a large metal dumpster was smoldering near a strip mall on Pt. Fosdick Drive NW. It is unknown what ignited the fire as an employee confirmed that flames were not present when taking out the trash 45 minutes earlier. Crews extinguished the fire without further incident.

On Nov. 1, an occupant on Stinson Avenue was warming a pan of grease for cooking when it suddenly caught on fire. She picked up the pan to move it, and accidently dropped it spilling grease on the carpet, kitchen floor and burning herself. She refused medical evaluation or transport.

On Nov. 2, firefighters were dispatched to a report of fire or smoke coming from the rear of a FedEx commercial semi-trailer. The truck was located near Highway 16 at the Purdy off-ramp to Highway 302. At arrival, it turned out to be the truck’s brakes creating the smoke, but no fire had started.


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