Gig Harbor Police Respond to Reports of Solicitation in Local Neighborhoods

In the past week, the Gig Harbor Police Department has responded to at least 3 calls involving solicitors in the neighborhood.

According to Gig Harbor Police Chief Mike Davis, there have been several reports of solicitors traveling throughout the community selling magazines or seeking donations for a non-profit organization.

On Feb. 19, police were dispatched to a report of three men and a woman driving in a white van and harassing customers at the Kitsap Bank. The caller reported that the solicitors were holding the customers’ vehicle door handles before people could get into their cars.

When police located the white Ford van, records indicated that the vehicle was registered out of Michigan. The driver was licensed out of Tennessee and there were more than four men and women seated inside the van. They told police they were collecting donations for a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

On Feb. 20, police were dispatched to a suspicious person knocking on doors in the Borgen Loop neighborhood next to Albertsons. The officer located the woman, who was selling magazines and provided some documentation of the magazine sales.

On Feb. 25, police received a call regarding a man, who was going door to door in the 9100 block of North Harborview Drive selling books "for the betterment of the community". It was reported the male did not present any identification to the caller.

Police later located the subject, who had a distinctive Batman tattoo on the bridge of his nose. He said he was collecting donations for a 501(c)(3) non-profit group called Graceful Hands and provided some documents. He said his group travels all 48 states seeking donations, some of which goes to his commission. He said he was from Missouri.

According to the Graceful Hands’ website, the non-profit organization provides basic on-the-job training for vulnerable members of the society and assist with housing, food and transportation.

The same day, police observed the same white Ford van leaving the residential neighborhood located directly behind Target, but police did not receive any calls from residents in that area.

To report any suspicious behaviors in your neighborhood, contact Gig Harbor Police at 253-851-2236 or Pierce County Sheriff’s Department at 253-798-4940.

gooddaygoodlife February 27, 2013 at 11:18 PM
the guy with the batman tattoo came to my house on monday. he came from a disadvantaged neighborhood with drugs, violence, and other crime. he was trying to make a new start with legitimate work selling magazines, etc. he was probably within the law, but you never know. it's extremely tough coming from his background. if within the law and legitimate, i commend him for trying. i thanked him for stopping by (i probably did need a new magazine), but told him i wasn't interested. he politely said "God bless" as i shook his hand, and he left. he was rehearsed and i'll bet he made some sales in GH. i'd like to hear the outcome from those who did buy a subscription or two. the week before another guy came by soliciting for labor, yard work, etc. I'm thinking of getting a no soliciting sign. would it be illegal if i have a sign and they solicit anyway?
employee February 28, 2013 at 03:41 AM
Gooddaygoodlife, dont get a sign, just stop voting for republicans, and hungry people will probably stop showing up at your door. Next thing ya know it will be someone old, or some one who used to be a cop, fireman or teacher, they have less tattoos, but better stories.
Joseph February 28, 2013 at 04:44 AM
I made the mistake of ordering some magazines a few years ago from a guy with a bullet hole he said he got while living in Chicago. We felt bad for him...I never received the magazines. What a scam. Also our house was broken into today. Probably not related but we live in the city limits and thought we were safe. It's not a R vs. D problem. Its drugs, lack of respect for other peoples property, and no fear of consequences.
Holly Blash-Wood February 28, 2013 at 05:08 PM
I've seen this in other more populated places and states. The police let me know (I was the neighborhood liaison for the association) that they had to let them continue as long as there was no law breaking. The truth is that they are usually sold a bill of goods about "making a better life for themselves" and then are herded into a single hotel room and shipped around from state to state with big promises and they are constantly kept near starving and the profits all go to "the top". They are told they have a debit to "catch up on" and if they just make their quota.... I have seen them get aggressive, desperate, and threatening. I feel sorry for them and what they've got themselves into. I don't know what kind of threat they are living under i just know that they are and it works - until they find a way out. I have had these information conversations with the Pleasanton, CA police and they can be corroborated. Our local police should have some information on this situation, it has been going on for many years.
Apachejohn March 01, 2013 at 07:36 PM
employee, what a wonderful insight you have and I do have to say what a wonderful job is being done in Washington against the capitalistic aggressors. Your knowledge and forethought will help the current problems that we have. You should do something instead of blaming others.
employee March 01, 2013 at 11:42 PM
Apachejohn, please continue to vote for people that dont have your best interests in mind, and please, be thankfull when desperate people show up at your door and try to take your money. Maybe one of these days you will be a "producer" and not a "taker", and you will be able to live in a gated community with out a care in the world for folks that are less human to you. I wish you luck. Maybe you should look in to moving into a gated community like Canterwood, where you can be as white as you want, just as long you dont be as "apache" as you are.


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