Rep. Angel's Sewer Bill Moves to House Floor

The House Local Government Committee approved Rep. Jan Angel's House Bill 2267 on Tuesday.

House Bill 2267, sponsored by Representative Jan Angel, passed out of the House Local Government Committee on Tuesday. This bill would give decision-making authority to local jurisdictions regarding alternative and traditional sewer systems and emerging sewer technologies that may be used in their urban growth areas. It would also address the requirement that jurisdictions create sewer plans and demonstrate how they will be funded 25 years into the future.

“The Growth Management Act asks our communities how they plan to fund this expensive infrastructure 25 years from now. That expectation is unrealistic,” said Angel, R-Port Orchard. “No one could have guessed ten years ago that we would be dealing with the economy that we have right now. The same thing could happen again in the future. Local governments don’t possess a crystal ball to see what will happen many years from now, and it is an undue burden that shouldn’t be placed on them.”

House Bill 2267 is just one of five bills that Angel has sponsored which have passed out of committee.

“Due to the short session, and the speed in which legislation must move, getting five bills out of committee validates the necessity and importance of these new measures,” Angel said.

Below is a quick summary of Angel’s other four bills:

  • House Bill 2344 would ensure citizens receive fair treatment relating to unemployment compensation.
  • House Bill 2270 would create consistency in local communities regarding the placement of signage for traffic cameras.
  • House Bill 2305 would authorize port districts to contract for certain public works services which they have not had in the past.
  • House bill 2152 would repeal the two-year time extension for final plats and subdivisions. It would also establish new five-year limits for land use requirements. This gives developers, who have navigated the costly permitting process, the ability to keep the status they have worked hard to get in this down economy.

Policy cut-off was yesterday, Jan. 31. Bills voted out of committee, like those above, now head toward the House floor.

Information provided by Washington House Republicans.

Mark Hoppen February 03, 2012 at 04:22 PM
The substitute bill that made it past committee makes good sense and reflects what most cities already do. (If this statement wasn't so, then Briarwood, Quail Park, Quail Run, and Fairway Estates would be hooking up to sewer at their expense now, twenty years after the beginning of the Growth Management Act. The City of Gig Harbor has always regarded these sewer connections as a homeowners choice.) Rep. Angel's original bill that allowed urban sewer extension outside of urban growth areas, for whatever reason and with whatever means, would have opened the door for back room shennanigans and eventual added ratepayer costs to the benefit of special interests. The good-old-boy element of her original bill was excised by committee and only the good element moved on. An example of good legislative governance.
Clarence Oxier February 12, 2012 at 12:13 AM
I am grateful for someone looking out for the taxpayers.I feel it should be the homeowners choice to hook up or not hook up to any sewer system.The present County sewer is a aboondogle for the County.They don't seem to be able to keep their hands out of the Sewer Funds.


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