Rep. Jan Angel's Telephone Town Hall Meeting Draws Thousands, Provides Answers

Rep. Jan Angel, who represents the 26th District, conducted three “instant results” surveys during her hour-long phone meeting last week.

Nearly 3,800 people throughout the 26th District, including Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula, joined Rep. Jan Angel last Thursday, March 14, for her telephone town hall meeting, and as many as 378 stayed on the line during the hour-long call.

“When I saw those numbers, I could hardly believe my eyes,” said Angel, R-Port Orchard. “This technology gave me the ability to reach a lot of people throughout the district in a short amount of time. Many of those on the call thanked me, because it gave them the ability to participate from the comfort of their homes and provide input about issues in state government they care about.”

Angel also conducted three “instant results” surveys, in which callers were able to vote using the keypads of their telephones.

Here are the results:

1. “Do you support Fund Education First legislation which would require the Legislature to pass a separate, stand-alone K-12 education budget before any other state appropriations?”

Yes 50% No 24% Not sure 26%

2. “Democrats have proposed a 10-cent increase for each gallon of gas you purchase. Would you be willing to pay 10 cents more a gallon to help pay for transportation projects in the state?”

Yes 10% No 83% Not sure 7%

3. “Would you be in favor of extending the time it takes to pay off the construction costs of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge if it would ensure tolls would never be increased again?”

Yes 85% No 8% Not sure 7%

“I was particularly interested in the last question pertaining to the Narrows Bridge tolls because I have introduced legislation that would keep the rates at their current levels throughout the time it takes to pay off the construction costs,” said Angel.

“These answers and the input I received during the telephone town hall meeting will be very helpful to me as I’m voting on issues affecting the 26th District.”

Angel noted that in addition to her call-in teleforum, she’s always interested in hearing from citizens at any time.

“That’s one of the reasons I try to spend as much time in the district, attending group events and meeting face-to-face with individuals. Representative government works best when we hear from the people we serve. That’s why this telephone town hall was so successful,” added Angel.

Angel can be contacted through her Olympia office at 360-786-7964 or via email through her Web site at:www.houserepublicans.wa.gov/Angel.

Information courtesy of Washington House Republicans.


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