PATCH CAPTION CONTEST: Eric Choiniere Dons Golden Tate Jersey On Monday Night

Did the University Place City Councilman predict the Seahawks receiver would haul in one of the most controversial and memorable catches (according to the refs) in franchise history to help Seattle beat Green Bay? He kind of did.

Patch Users: Give us your best caption for this photo, which depicts University Place City Councilman Eric Choiniere donning a Golden Tate jersey Monday night.

Even if you disagree with his politics, you have to concede that University Place City Councilman Eric Choiniere's attire Monday night was friggin' awesome.

And considering what happened a half-hour after the meeting ended - at the conclusion of the Seahawks-Packers game - the story behind it becomes almost too crazy to be a coincidence.

Choiniere wore a No. 81 jersey, which receiver Golden Tate sports for the Seattle Seahawks.

Tate's the same Seattle receiver who hauled in a controversial Hail Mary catch that gave the Seahawks a come-from-behind victory over the Green Bay Packers, 14-12.

Throughout the night, I was checking the score of the Monday Night Football game on my laptop. (Yes, I'll admit it. Sorry, boss)

Tate scored the first touchdown - a 41-yard pass from Russell Wilson at the 6:42 mark of the second quarter.

Then things got strange. Green Bay came out at half and made two field goals, trailing only 7-6. I was getting nervous.

At the same time, the UP Council - which even without football was running high with testerone because its two female members were on vacation - took a break.

Choiniere walked over to me for a score check. He knew Tate had scored earlier in the game, and for some reason, he seemed confident that his favorite player's night wasn't over. Our brief exchange went something like this:

Me: "I don't know. Green Bay's coming back."

Choiniere: "Tate's not done."

Cue the creepy, ominous church bell.

The meeting adjourned and we all drove home. I immediately turned on the game, which by then the Seahawks were trailing 12-7 in the fourth quarter. The Packers turned them away inside their red zone, with Tate appearing to have batted away a ball destined for Sydney Rice in the end zone.

I thought to myself: "Ha! Take that, Choiniere. You might want to rethink your choice of jerseys."

But the Seahawks pinned Green Bay inside its own 5-yard line. With less than a minute remaining, they got the ball back at midfield. Then, a football eternity later, Wilson heaved the ball into the end zone.

I tried to spot amongst the heap of players who came down with the ball. One referee's arms went up, sparking a one-man frenzy in my living room. A Seahawk got it.

But who? I tried to make out which player in the pile had the ball. It was a toss-up between Green Bay's M.D. Jennings and a Seahawk. But who?

Then the camera focused in on the player's number: 81.

Cue the creepier, even more ominous church bell. Twice.

Choiniere's prediction - which was later "confirmed" by the game's replacement refs - had come true. Tate did have a big night. A huge night. One that fans will be talking about for years.

So as I stated earlier, Choiniere's attire Monday night was friggin' awesome, as is the story behind it all.

Now we put the ball in your hands, Patch users. Given my account of Monday night, help me come up with a funny or witty caption for the above picture, which was snapped during the University Place City Council meeting. Crack us up in the comments below. (Remember, this is a family publication. Let's keep it clean and lighthearted)

Tony Douglas September 25, 2012 at 05:05 PM
"Duh, which weigh did he go?"
Christie Anderson September 25, 2012 at 05:18 PM
"Choiniere, I SAW you at the new chinese buffet, so don't tell me you didn't have a plate stacked that high with potstickers!"
Brent Champaco September 25, 2012 at 05:26 PM
Geez. Tough crowd. I, for one, think it was awesome he was wearing that jersey. Here's my best stab at it: "Choiniere and Grassi had dual possession of the consent agenda. After a lengthy review, the ref's ruling: Green Bay lost"
Christie Anderson September 25, 2012 at 06:33 PM
Christie Anderson September 25, 2012 at 06:47 PM
"Geez. Tough crowd. I, for one, think it was awesome he was wearing that jersey." I disagree Brent. As a public representative, even if it is only a study session, how you present yourself is important; you don't want to look so casual that it gives the impression that you'd rather be somewhere else, instead of where you were elected to be. The others dressed tastefully casual, with the exception of Kent Keel who always dresses appropriately for council meetings, and could teach choiniere a lesson or two about decorum.


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