Northwest Trek Reopens Feb. 17

The recent storms played havoc in many areas of the park. However, crews - both two- and four-legged - have worked to get it ready for President's Day weekend. This female beaver played its part.

The recent storms played havoc with parts of Northwest Trek.

The wolf, cat, raptor and bear exhibits were severely damaged as were nearly four miles of fencing surrounding the park’s 435-acre free-roaming area, according to park officials.

But crews of workers with two legs (and four, according to this picture from the park) are working to repair some $200,000 worth of damages, and they hope to have the park reopen Feb. 17, just in time for President's Day weekend.

If it can happen, visitors will have workers such as the aforementioned female beaver to thank.

For more information on Northwest Trek, click here.


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