Laura J. McGarry
Fighting corruption in the US District Court of Massachusetts
Supreme Court of the United States case no. 11-1180 QUESTIONS PRESENTED Did the court of appeals render void, not voidable, but void Judgments by failing to acknowledge Petitioner’s motion for Judicial Notice of an Extraordinary Writ and verified docketing statement under the provisions of Title 18 U.S.C. § 3771 Crime Victims’ Rights Act of 2004 (“CVRA”) and FRCP 60? Does the lower court’s pro bono plan described in general court order (09-04) which excludes pro se plaintiffs who assert employment related claims against current or former employers single out an entire class of litigants, promote retaliation and ensure high priced employment law attorneys and their clients unrepresented opposition? Is the tax payer supporting oppression and tyranny when public servants working for our federal judiciary decide who is entitled to justice and then devise a concerted effort to ensure no legitimate court process or Article III oversight and is the  resulting pretense litigation which invalidates multiple Acts of Congress as well as OUR Rights Provided by the Constitution of the United States leaving a majority of the unfortunate select victims beaten down without recourse because they lack the resources or skill to break the barrier of corruption?  
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