2013 Reflections On Change

Change: the good, the bad, and the sometimes very uncomfortable but always expected fact of life

Wow, what a whirlwind 2012 turned out to be. So many changes, endings, beginnings, introspection, some regret and like a butterfly from a cocoon or a chick from an egg the struggle to emerge as something different was ultimately worth the effort.

Born in May and bearing all the characteristics of a Taurus stubborn, hard headed, steadfast and strong willed change was always harder for me than most. Finding myself in  corporate America at the birth and infancy of the world of Wireless (smart and not so smart phones, iPads, tablets etc..) was both extremely exciting and unbearably painful.

The only constant was change and just when you got comfortable with the status quo, voila, here would come a 360 degree change. It took me years to understand, and then to accept that like a child that is literally growing and changing before your very eyes, Wireless, like parenting, is was for the faint hearted. If you didn't like your current situation, or boss for that matter, all you had to do was to stick around long enough and your situation would change. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

I learned so much from my life in that fast paced environment. That things change on a dime. Too never get to comfortable in the status quo because there is no such thing. That to survive and thrive you have to anticipate change, embrace it even, and learn from it.

Like a parent it was amazing to watch the Wireless world, once the domain of the wealthy and elite, to what now is as important to us as a car or cable and for a many like water and food.

And I know this is hard to believe but at one time we had to explain to potential customers what texting was, and much later what apps and data were, what a smart phone was. And when I first started we had these outrageous plans that gave you 50 minutes of talk time, but only in one part of the state and you had to pay for long distance! I was there for the launch of all of the Wireless companies that over the years were born, acquired, merged, dismantled, and reemerged . Some of these were positive and some not so much.

I got to feel the power of belief and utter genius that was Steve Jobs. And how in the worst economy since the depression being the exclusive US carrier for the iPhone granted us immunity from the recession and an amazing growth rate year after year. He was an amazing man who thought everything was possible no matter how impossible or crazy everyone else thought his ideas were.

So for those that have big, HUGE dreams remember that every story of success is also one of trial, error, defeat, perseverance and triumph. Even in the Wireless world where casual observer see monolithic empires  remember that on the inside they're run by dreamers and thinkers and creators who are just like you and me.


This year think BIG, BIG, fantastic, wonderful dreams, have belief and faith in yourself and then go make them happen! I know I am.

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