Mom's Escape: It's a Coupon Party!

What could be more fun then hanging out with friends and neighbors and enjoying great food and beverages? Well, how about that plus saving BIG BUCKS all at the same time? Intrigued? We were, too. You are cordially invited to the concept of coupon parties.

These days, any way to save some cash is a good thing. And really, who doesn't love taking advantage of discounts?

Using coupons, whether they are paper or online, is a great way to save money on the things you need to buy.

Many of us are diligent about clipping coupons and watching for a great deal. In fact, there are some that are so good at saving money through coupons. These savings champs have learned some cool tricks to share with others so that they too can save big time for themselves and their families.

Are you one of those people? Or do you desire to learn more how to save a little cash? Feeling a little strapped, want to save some dough, but don't know where to begin at all?

No matter where you are in the coupon game, think about this. What if you were to combine your savings goals and have a party at the same time?

Coupon parties are becoming a popular (and fun!) ways to save and learn. It's simple, too.

Invite friends and neighbors to gather and meet (someone's home or a local coffee shop works well). Ask each guest to bring coupons to swap, share, and discuss (don't forget to send out a reminder to each participant a couple of days in advance so that they won't forget to bring the goods). Throw in some simple snacks and refreshments, and you've got a party.

Other ideas to consider:

  1. Choose a theme. Perhaps you want to cover only coupons applicable to the grocery store only. Maybe you want to look at department stores. Thought about throwing Groupon deals in the mix? The possibilities are endless.
  2. Consider putting a minimum and maximum numbers of coupons brought to the party from each guest to keep the trading process smooth and the discussion rolling.
  3. Ask each guest to consider sharing a tip of the day that they heard about, saw online, or figured out by luck or chance.
  4. Make a savings chart. If the group wishes to continue with more parties, chart your progress individually and/or as a group. Ask each person to tell how much they saved for a set period of time (weekly, monthly, etc.). This information gives everyone an inspiration to continue saving, build confidence and get even more creative.
  5. Some coupon parties like to use guest speakers to talk about their expertise and hidden gems in the coupon world not known to most. Some folks do charge a speaking fee. However, undoubtedly, folks will be able to recognize a coupon whiz kid that they know in the community that has been successful and that would probably to be willing to share their successes at no fee.
  6. Give party guests some fun homework or an assignment before they arrive. Perhaps have someone look for particular sales coming up at a specific store. You could give each guest a particular coupon to gather (deals on meat and produce, kid's necessities like diapers or restaurant discounts).
  7. Some party hosts like to give out inexpensive coupon holders as a party favor for their guests to organize their coupons.

To read more about party ideas and tips, check out this piece from the site Mom Logic. The clickable link will take you there in a jiffy.

Happy saving!


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