"Storms" in Gig Harbor: Anything that makes you say "This could be a problem..."

How a little bit of RAIN can give you BIG surprises where you least expected them (or wanted them!) Reason #3 (out of 300) to hire an experienced Home Manager like me!

I think I need to invest in Rain Gear. Or Hand Warmers. More Hats & Gloves. Good Boots. Because I came home from my Home Watch Inspections today....soaking WET.

As I drove back to my office for the 4th cup of coffee,  I wondered about the funny weather around here. We all understood that Sunday night and Monday would bring significant amounts of rain & a bit of wind. But it certainly wasn't classified as "The Storm of Fall 2012."

But my Home Inspections today brought a few unexpected discoveries.

And I'm sure my Clients will be grateful to hear about them - because at least it means they were discovered! But it brings about a good point - how do we define "storms" in this area?

First thing this morning, I met a new Client and described my Storm Watch Service, explaining that I would visit his vacant property after a storm. But I carefully explained the difficulty in defining a "storm". I charge per visit, so obviouly I want my Client to approve of the fact I'm visiting their home. But are 40 mile an hour winds enough to justify the visit - just in case a tree fell on the house? Or do the winds have to be 60mph? 70mph?

And how much snowfall could result in a leak on the fragile, flat rooftop? 1 inch? 4 inches?

And what about rain? After saying goodbye to my new Client, I headed out to complete some Home Inspections.  My trips weren't classified as "Storm Watch Visits" - they were just normally scheduled Home Watch Services. But in two different homes, there were signs of signficant water leaks in both garages. One was built into a hill, so the water was seaping through the foundation. Keep in mind this is a new home; it could've easily been classified as "too new to have any problems."

And the other one was the biggest surprise - so much water running down the steep driveway, that a river formed, pushing the water along the foundation, puddling near the mandoor, and overflowing through the cracks and crevices....into the garage and flooding a portion of the floor. I've been watching this home for 18 months and have never seen this occur before.

If these types of damages had gone un-checked for long periods of time, it could have been very expensive to repair (think about mold growing!), not to mention the fact that water can damage irreplaceable belongings.

And if the property is for sale, it can affect a buyer's decision to purchase.

It is SO easy to believe things will be fine, and hope for the best, especially with a newer home. But taking risks with your home investment is very serious, and at times costly.

The cost of a Home Watch visit is very minor compared to the expense of fixing major problems (most of which started as small ones). But most importantly, it brings the Peace of Mind that you need when you are out of town. And to top it all off - it sure will make your Insurance Agent happy to know you've hired a Home Manager!

So...if you are reading this as you prepare to leave town for the holidays, make sure you've taken care of what is most important to you. Your home is your investment. It holds your memories and contains your posessions. Don't put off what you can do today.

Call me at 253.225.4864 to schedule your free consultation.

I'm here to offer you Peace of Mind. All you have to do is ask for it!


Gig Harbor Home Management & Concierge Services, Inc. provides Home Watch & other related Home Management Services for the Gig Harbor area. Sarah Friesen is a local, experienced Home Manager; her Clients regularly testify that she is a trustworthy advocate on their behalf. Visit www.GigHarborHomeManagement.com for more details. You can also follow her at www.Facebook.com/GigHarborHomeManagement or www.twitter.com/GigHarborHome

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