VIDEO: Actor Josh Lucas Shares His Thoughts About the Presidential Race

Actor and Gig Harbor High School grad Josh Lucas campaigned for President Barack Obama in 2008.

Actor and Gig Harbor High School grad Josh Lucas returned to his old stomping grounds as the celebrity guest for this weekend's Gig Harbor Film Festival.

After our Q&A session with the actor on Thursday, I was itching to find out what he thought of the presidential race between President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney.

Back in 2008, Lucas campaigned in support of Obama. Watch the video to see what he had to say. Do you agree or disagree with him?

Harborite October 21, 2012 at 07:42 PM
I feel like Obama would rather campaign as it gives him an exscuse to get out of DC and having to play president because he is not capable of making the decisions or recruiting capable people. He is no doubt a good, decent man, but as one author named his book, he is an amateur. Time for a change so we again have hope.
Robin Helene Hebert October 21, 2012 at 08:33 PM
The proof is in the pudding. We are not better off than we were 4 years ago...Josh, it's time for a change...REAL change we can believe in.
employee October 21, 2012 at 09:09 PM
I have some issues with Harborites opinion. I feel that Pres. Obama has an outstanding foreign policy record. I challenge you to tell me different. While some might not like his health care reforms, I really dont hear too much informed comment on just how he should have done it better. Please school me with facts about his "amateur" performance. The book Harborite mentions is by a guy named Ed Klein, he is not really a nonpartisan thinker. Check the link, and please give it some thought. http://thinkprogress.org/media/2012/05/12/483210/edward-klein-obama-book/


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